SMS Gateway in Mexico

Bulk SMS Messaging

Our Web Tool for sending SMS allows you to send SMS in a massive, fast and secure way. Simply by importing an Excel or CSV file with the numbers you want to send, write the text of the message and schedule the date you want to send it. sending date. With these three simple steps the system will send SMS messages simultaneously to all the numbers you have imported.

What's more! You can connect our sending platform with your management applications to send SMS text messages automatically.

  • High volume of bulk mailings

    Our high-availability infrastructure specially prepared for bulk SMS allows us to process a high volume of SMS messages per minute.

  • Web platform for mass mailings

    We have a web tool that will allow you to manage the bulk SMS sending at any time and in any place, all in a single system and with 24x7 service.

  • Real-time reporting

    From our tool you will be able to visualise in real time the status of your mass mailings, download an Excel file with the details of the mailing or visualise the graphic reports.

  • API connections

    Connect your company's applications with our API for sending and receiving SMS and automate your company's SMS sending.