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Every SMS message is an opportunity for your company, which is why we have a wide variety of services ready for your needs!

Quality and 15 years of experience endorse us.

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Our Tool

SMS Messaging Tool

Our online tool allows you to use all our services quickly and securely, carry out your operations from anywhere.


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Our two-factor authentication protects your application, your users’ confidential data, and your business.


Voice Calls

Our automated text-to-voice conversion call service delivers converted or prerecorded voice messages.

Nuestros Servicios

  • Our service for bulk SMS messaging allows for a high volume of messages to be sent in a short amount of time, making explosive marketing campaigns possible. Inquire about our "Short Code Bulk SMS" and "Long Code Bulk SMS" services.

  • With 12 years of experience, we provide platform and consultancy services to financial institutions and consumer goods companies for direct marketing and customer communications. Our services include campaigns, collections, anti-fraud services, transaction alerts, and immediate mass delivery notifications.

  • Our SMS alert subscription service allows users to receive periodic and regular SMS alerts about information or events of interest. This communication channel enables our clients to send timely information to subscribed users at a predefined frequency.


    To quickly leverage the power of SMS, companies can easily integrate their software solutions with our bidirectional SMS message platform using Web Services, HTTP Services, SMPP, and SFTP directly from their account without any waiting time.

  • To meet the needs of telephony integrated with computing, Tecnophone has developed voicemail systems for analog and digital telephony, installing local and remote call centers, autodialer equipment, electronic operators, UN-PBX equipment, IVR equipment, developing tailor-made systems (TMS), and various "turnkey" projects.

  • An especially important part of our services to large companies is the meticulous care we take in guaranteeing the delivery of messages from our client companies to their users. For this, we invest a lot of effort and resources to guarantee portability services with real-time updated information about the operator each mobile number is using.

  • A connectivity service with companies' systems that facilitates authorized personnel's access to information within their company, sending a simple SMS and obtaining relevant corporate information or information of interest to a specific member of the company or customer.

  • At Grupo Tecnophone, we have a direct contract with all operators to offer high availability and reliability corporate solutions for immediate and bidirectional communication services with web and app users, mass consumer company customers, account holders of financial institutions, and the general population served by large institutions.

  • At Grupo Tecnophone, we offer our experience and knowledge in any Mobile Marketing solution and consultancy you may require. We can help you integrate your Mobile campaign in the best way possible, allowing you to achieve the best results and benefits for relationship and interaction with your target group at a low cost. We offer our extensive experience in any integration related to your collaboration process in Marketing actions, especially when they use mobile tools and applications.

  • Our technology team has extensive experience and training to assess your technical needs and achieve the Mobile integration you need with the best solutions and in the times demanded by the market.

  • At Grupo Tecnophone, we have the ability to assign a technician specialized in each communication technology used by the company, in direct contact with the assigned personnel of the company, to solve any contingency or provide technical and security advice to ensure communication service between the company and its customers.

Nuestra Herramienta

  • SMS Delivery

    We have a tool that allows you to schedule SMS deliveries to your customers, a very useful tool for planning communication at the right time, taking advantage of events and holidays.

  • Extend the limits of your marketing campaign by sending Text Messages, Audios, Videos, and Images to your contact list through WhatsApp.

  • Since the cell phone number is the most individual and direct point of contact that can be had with a customer, it is important to keep this data highly updated. For this purpose, we have developed applications and automatic services that keep the operator information, blacklist, lines suspended due to portability, and lines deactivated up to date, allowing reactions through integration with other means of communication such as voice calls, email, Facebook, and Twitter to reestablish the correct point of contact with the customer through their cell phone number.

  • Conduct surveys with your customers using SMS messages, through which you will learn about their habits, preferences, consumption experience, and segmentation data that you can use to filter future direct marketing actions, reducing costs and improving communication assertiveness permanently.

  • At Grupo Tecnophone, we have developed tools that allow you to use, in addition to SMS, combinable communication channels such as email, voice calls (text-to-speech), to ensure communication with the customer and provide them with contact and communication alternatives with the company adapted to their preferences.

  • At Grupo Tecnophone, we have developed tools that allow you to use, in addition to SMS, combinable communication channels such as email, voice calls (text-to-speech), to ensure communication with the customer and provide them with contact and communication alternatives with the company adapted to their preferences.

  • Web and SMS support chat tool that will allow your company to connect customer service personnel with cell phone users who have received an SMS from the company and who are trying to make any inquiry, request, complaint, or suggestion, thus taking advantage of their impulsiveness and showing immediate attention to each of the customer's concerns.

  • For special services, emerging events, or urgent service implementations, Grupo Tecnophone offers an interconnection service through the development of software and connectivity solutions in the technology available in the company, with which we can solve communication needs in special situations in any area of ​​the company. We have highly experienced personnel in VPN development to improve security of transactions added to our SMPP connections for SMS sending, SMS sending API, and SOAP Web Service for SMS sending we can achieve a connection suitable for each need.

Incorporating SMS into our marketing campaigns has the advantage of allowing us to reach an extraordinarily large number of people in a short period of time, which is fascinating.

We also use SMS surveys to track our customers’ consumption habits and segment the audience to offer each customer the specific product.

The good thing about Grupo Tecnophone is their technical support team, always attentive to our queries, and their online tool that allows us to carry out SMS campaigns from any computer and know the results instantly, which greatly facilitates our work.

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Known as "The leading mobile marketing company in Mexico," with more than 15 years in the market, Grupo Tecnophone stands out for its great adaptation and commitment to the needs of its clients. Thanks to our team of professionals prepared and ready to provide solutions and assistance 24/7, 365 days a year, we hope to provide you with the best solution on the market.

We are backed by the Experience, Trajectory, and Trust of our clients, to whom we are eternally grateful.

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