Use our SMS APIs to send messages on your
website or applications quickly and easily.

Advantages of using our SMS API

To quickly exploit the power of SMS, companies can easily integrate their software solutions to our bi-directional SMS messaging platform using Web Services, HTTPP Services, SMPP and SFTP, immediately from their account without
waiting times.

Tecnophone Group has a team ready to assist you in the implementation of our services!

Talk to one of our specialists and be sure to build a solution based on your needs.

Implement in your developments our SMS

Here we will show you some of the implementations that our clients have done.


Registration Verification

In user registration or password recovery, an SMS is sent to the user with a unique code that must be entered on the website, thus completing the requested process.


Realised Transactions

Financial institutions rely on Tecnophone Group using the integration to keep their account holders informed about bank account movements.


Multichannel Campaigns

Using our multichannel campaign tool to build customer loyalty by communicating directly with your customers through the three most commonly used media.