SMS Tool and Technology

Tecnophone Group

Proprietary Technology

Tecnophone Group has built its operation on a proprietary technology platform, which allows us to quickly develop any service and adapt it to the needs of our customers, without dependence on third parties.

Open Source

Our systems are completely open source and have the capacity to manage large volumes of messages, thus ensuring optimum performance in all deliveries.


Our efforts are aimed at offering each of our clients the following premises:

- Full availability of our services - Uninterrupted operation of our servers - Permanent availability of network and connectivity - Automatic alert systems via SMS - Rapid resolution of incidents - 24-hour technical service


We have a packet filtering system (ACL), Cisco Firewalls, intrusion detection systems, restrictive security policies and a technical team with extensive experience in computer security. On the working platform our systems are 100% TMS (Tailor-made system), a situation that allows us great flexibility with our clients for the development of new applications.